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2019/20 Precept Consultation

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is proposing to add an extra 115 police officers to West Mercia's ranks to help meet demand and deliver the best possible service to communities.

The plan would take officer numbers in West Mercia to around 2,150, the highest level since 2012. An additional £250,000 of resource would also be dedicated to tackling rural crime.

Delivering this would require an increase to the police's share of council tax in 2019/20. Bills would increase for a typical band D household by around £1.63 per month.

In addition to this, the investment would also ensure continued reform of the police force, ensuring it can deal with changing demand, and sustained investment in community projects aimed at tackling the root causes of crime.

The Commissioner wants to hear views from our communities on his proposals. Your opinions will help influence the final decision on next year's budget. To see the details of the full draft budget report, please visit the Commissioner's website. Otherwise, please simply complete the survey below. It should take under 60 seconds.

Any data you enter will be stored and processed in compliance with GDPR protocol. Personal data will not be shared with any other party beyond this platform. The consultation closes on 20th January 2019.
Do you support the proposals to increase police numbers and visibility in West Mercia, in return for the increase in council tax?
For what reason do you not support the PCC's proposal?
Please state in which part of West Mercia area you pay your council tax
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