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Questionnaire for Animal Owner

Questionnaire for animal owner

The aim of the survey is to examine the opinions and needs of owners of animals in communication with the veterinary doctors. The survey is anonymous. The study is conducted as part of the international COMVET Project "Developing communication competences among veterinary doctors", co-financed from the EU ERASMUS + Program.
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3. For companion animal owner: What type of animal do you have ? *This question is required.
4. For farm animal owners: What type of animal & how many (estimate) do you have ? *This question is required.
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6. Please score your level of satisfaction, in terms of communication with the VET: ( 1 Low - 6 High) *This question is required.
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9. What do you need in the communication with the VET ? Veterinary Doctors should: *This question is required.
10. What is important while choosing the Veterinary service ? *This question is required.
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