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SS701 SSAA Workshops- Wag

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1. Please take a moment to read this page before continuing ...

Thanks for your interest in the SSAA NSW member workshops.  These workshops are part of a larger research project which will give all members the chance to have their say in a state-wide survey in June 2018.

We would like you to complete this simple registration survey only if you would like to attend the workshop at Wagga Wagga at 7 pm on Wednesday 4th April. 

If you are not interested or unable to attend either of these workshops, then don't worry, you will be able to complete the full member survey being released in June.  

There are a few questions on the following pages which ask you about your involvement in shooting and your attitudes towards some current issues.  These are simply to help us make sure we involve a broad cross section of the membership.  Your answers will not be used for any other purpose and they are not part of the major survey.

The workshops are being held in various locations throughout NSW as well as with delegates at the SSAA NSW AGM.  We would like to hear from men and women members of all ages, with different levels of experience and interested in a variety of shooting activities. 

These workshops  will be run by professional facilitators from the commercial research company Review Partners and are designed to reveal the broad range of issues members feel are important at the moment so that we can develop a comprehensive and relevant survey. 

We want to make sure the people in each session have the chance to be heard, so each session will involve only about 10 members.  Consequently if we get more registrations than places available, we will randomly select a representative cross-section of members for each session.

The workshops are only available to members so if you register you will need to confirm your contact details and membership number.

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