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ITN/C4 Brexit Debate Audience Recruitment Form


Channel 4 will be hosting a special live programme “The Real Brexit Debate” at 7pm on Sunday, December 9th in London at which leading politicians will face questions and a live studio audience of 100 people.

It's the day of the debate, however we're still taking applications today as we'd like a diverse range of guests.

Feel free to share the application link to the survey which is here with friends and family or on social media; however, each interested applicant must complete this form in full separately to have a chance to attend the event. 

ITN Productions and Channel 4 are working with Survation with the aim to provide a balanced audience for the event. 

To apply to be part of the studio audience, please complete the following short form about yourself.  

The questions are quite detailed as we are aiming for the audience to be representative of different attitudes to Brexit and to make sure different types of people are represented.  

We are also keen that people from around the UK are represented, as such, audience members who would need to travel long distances or have specific access needs selected to attend the event will have reasonable expenses incurred reimbursed. 

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